Lomography Day Trips: Bangkok, Thailand

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Thailand’s capital Bangkok has been one of the most popular destinations in Asia for the unique multi-sensory experience that it brings. While there are certainly many must-visit spots in the city, you will find in this installment some of those attractions that you definitely shouldn’t miss.

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Chatuchak Weekend Market

Bangkok has been hailed as one of Asia’s shopping capitals, so it might not come as a surprise that the city has Chatuchak, the largest market in the country and the largest weekend market in the world. Just to give you some figures, it covers 35 acres and houses a whopping 15,000 stalls, and receives around 200,000 visitors per day. Gives a whole new meaning to “shop ’til you drop” don’t you think? Aside from a wide variety of goods and products, Chatuchak is also where tourists often head to in search of the best Thai milk tea (the way they make it is also reportedly quite a sight, too!).

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Taling Chan Floating Market

Floating markets used to be a way of life in Thailand, but as with any city that pushes itself to become a modern metropolis, they disappeared from Bangkok entirely for quite some time. Fortunately, a weekend market on the Khlong Chak Phra canal in Taling Chan District was established in 1987, bringing back the floating market culture for both locals and foreign tourists to enjoy and experience. If you feel like treating yourself to some fresh fruits and vegetables, you might as well pick up something when you’re done sight-seeing.

Credits: primula, sobetion & spongypenny

The Grand Palace

The majestic complex of ornate buildings sitting a stone’s throw away the Chao Phraya River, the aptly named Grand Palace is the official residence of the Kings of Siam since 1782. While not the present king’s residence, the Grand Palace is still a venue for official events, state functions, and royal ceremonies. Visitors will be treated to spectacular architecture, intricate details, and a slice of Thai history and monarchy.

Credits: denisesanjose & grad

Wat Pho (Temple of the Reclining Buddha)

One of the largest and oldest wats (Thai Buddhist temples) in Bangkok, Wat Pho is among the spots that shouldn’t be missed. The ornately designed temple complex is home to the famous 160 feet-long Reclining Buddha, one of the more than a thousand Buddha images in the vicinity. Wat Pho is also the birthplace of traditional Thai massage, so it’s worth a visit if you want to relax those tired, aching muscles.

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