Snippets and Vignettes: Snap that photo already!


Is it too much to ask to tell people to go and hit the shutter already?

I think many can relate to this one. Scenario is, you and your friends get together for a group photo. Of course, being the fun loving bunch of individuals you are, you oblige and line up for the perfect group photograph.

But then this happens – the person taking the picture fiddles too much with the camera and you end up getting numb cheeks from all the smiling while you wait for the flash. Off the flash goes but then you look at the picture and you see yourself all awkward from flashing your greatest smile.

Credits: nation_of_pomation, madisonb, moodification & icuresick

You feel like blurting out Come on, take the picture already. They sometimes do before you’re even ready or they shoot after you get dead cheeks from all the smiling. Kinda hard to flash those pearly whites now, isn’t it?

What a bummer. Though it can produce some of the best out takes you can get with your friends. It may be a pain to smile candidly for a photograph for longer than necessary but the look of your faces when you get the prints can be priceless. You just laugh with the good times, they are the ones that matter.

written by cheeo on 2013-10-01 #lifestyle #awkward #snippets-and-vignettes

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