Superheroes in their Daily Lives: A Series of Paintings by William Wray


We all know the typical superhero – bulging muscles, inverted triangle bodies, tremendous physical strength, super-human abilities and the iconic costumes all paint a single image in our minds. But artist William Wray takes us beyond the superhero responsibilities of some of our favourite superheroes and introduces us to their regular off days.

The task of saving mankind from every evil that wants to destroy the universe or rule the world may be a daunting task for superheroes that’s why they are seen here in this series of paintings posing as normal citizens. *William Wray* paints a reflection of the superhero stardom in a regular and normal way.

Superheroes by William Wray via Empty Kingdom

Wray depicts some heroes just chilling out, enjoying a cigarette or queuing up in traffic. Our beloved superheroes shed the mask and the cape to don the normal citizen disguise as they are pictured living among the citizens they protect.

Wray is a former cartoonist and comic book illustrator. The influence on his paintings is evidently from that area of art and is strongly motivated by the theme mixed with portraiture of daily life. He blends in traditional styles of painting with a cult topic still relevant in culture today.

The fictional characters are given a humanized look in the view of the paintings. It’s cool to finally see them hanging out and letting it rest from all the crime fighting and amazing stunts they pull off on a regular basis. You can visit his site to view his other works.

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