Get Experimental with the Diana Mini!


With a tiny plastic body, 35mm convenience and easy-peasy dual shooting formats – just the thing for those analogue experiments! Now, this bundle of joy comes packed with the retro-styled Diana F+ Flash!

Still Don’t Have Your Mini!

The sweet and petite Diana Mini steals the heart of all who own one. With a tiny plastic body, and 35mm convenience and easy-peasy dual shooting formats – it’s hard to put down once you pick it up. Now this bundle of joy comes all packed up with the retro-styled Diana F+ Flash! You won’t want to separate this perfect pair once you try them together – the Mini and full size flash go hand and hand.

All in One Sweet Package!

How many great things can you fit into one cute box? Now you get the Diana Mini camera, paired with the classic Diana F+ Flash, colour gel filters, and the “Shoot Forever” book, With this all in one package you’re well on your way to shooting forever!

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See What the Two of You Can Do!

The Diana Mini promises unlimited fun as demonstrated by these tips and tweaks from our experimental Lomographers in the community!

  • Diana Mini Flash Tipster by Miriel – Grab your flash, go to a dimly lit location (sometimes called a bar) and shoot with out fully winding your film to the next frame. The effects are sharp, overlapping images full of motion. Read the tip here.
  • Diana Mini Adapter for the Ringflash by sinvertigo –If you love the soft, glowy effect care of the Lomography Ringflash coupled with the dreamy Diana Mini, check out this modification! Read the tip here.
  • Let It Burn! by adamscott – Highly recommended for light-leak aficionados, this tip gives your Diana Mini shots an unpredictable ‘burned’ effect! Read the tip here.
  • Big Fun with the Diana Mini by mephisto19 – Tunnel vision and Fisheye effects with the Diana Mini? Why not give it a try? Read the tip here.
  • Mini Macro, Mini Lomo by vicuna – Get up close to your subject with the Diana Mini. Closer, closer … Read the tip here.
  • The Square Diana Mini Splitzing Experience by vicuna – Slice and dice your 35mm square/half frame shots. Yes, it’s possible! Read the tip here.

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  1. cinzinc
    cinzinc ·

    i got my diana mini back in the day without the flash.
    to those who dont have one yet, get it now!
    this is a "quit pair" as the introduction says.hahahah.

  2. pia
    pia ·

    Got a diana mini and a dianaF+ flash (Both them separately) so lucky it works well.
    No problem at all! Once you put the flash on, you won't take it off anymore!
    You can't help but show the pair off! So cute! So retro! :)

  3. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    That's a great package! And the flash is almost bigger as the camera... :))) And cool to have my 2 Diana Mini tipsters included in this post ;)

  4. plainjane
    plainjane ·

    =) thanks cinzinc ! ooops

  5. lomosexual_manboy
    lomosexual_manboy ·

    Yeah, get the MINI!!! It's the most fun camera to take around with you as it's so small and light. If it had all the lenses that the regular Diana+ has I would never put it down.

  6. ethermoon
    ethermoon ·

    I bought a Diana Mini without the flash since I have the Diana F+ and colorsplash flash. Alternating them is love. :-)
    I agree with this one, buy one now!!! It's a nice thing to have the Mini and the Flash!

  7. -a-l-b-e-r-t-o-
    -a-l-b-e-r-t-o- ·

    nice post

  8. suprdave
    suprdave ·

    Just got the Mini yesterday! Excited to start lomographing!!

  9. glnieves
    glnieves ·

    I don't have a flash yet - I think I'm going to buy the hot shoe and get the colorsplash flash for now. I hate flash usually and much rather natural lighting so I think this might make me a bit more excited.

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