Long Live Film, in Cinemas Soon

2013-10-02 1

Kodak and Indie Film have joined their strengths to go out in the streets, talk to analogue photographers, and film their passion. Here you have the trailer of the upcoming film.

It will be titled ‘Long Live Film’ and Indie Film Lab and Kodak are behind it. It is a documentary film about the passion aroused by analogue photography today.

Indie Film Lab used these words when they posted the trailer on their Facebook page: ‘Earlier this year, Indie Film Lab partnered up with Kodak to hit the road and talk to photographers about why they still love and shoot film. Here is a trailer for a short documentary all about film, those who shoot it and why they do. Enjoy and keep an eye out for the full length later this year!’

We will be able to enjoy the film this autumn, but why don’t we warm up the engines and leave some comments on this article about why we love analogue photography so much?

Long Live Film!

Info via altfoto.com

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  1. eriberry
    eriberry ·

    I love shooting on film for many reasons. 1. It has a certain magical touch to it, the way it looks. It's not perfect, and I love this imperfection 2. It's always a surprise how something comes out, and many times I forget I shot a specific scene --> surprise! 3. Quality over quantity - in the digital era many of us are used to shooting 15 frames of the same thing. 4. For me, it also stimulates creativity. If you have great photos, you also have a keen eye and bountiful imagination. 5. Ultimately, the feeling it gives you. The process, the waiting, the results. Very rewarding, I'd say, and I'm just a beginner in the field. :)

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