Awesome Diana Instant Snaps from the Community


What do you get when you combine the eye-catching lo-fi goodness of the Diana F+ with the convenience of instant photography? Awesome Diana instants, like the ones taken by our fellow lomographers you will find after the jump!

Whether beginners or long-time lomographers, we’re all familiar with the lo-fi charm that the classy Diana F+ brings. Loved for the dreamy photos it takes, it’s one of the most coveted medium format cameras in the lomographic world. Now you can enjoy this effect in an instant with the new Diana F+ Instant 55mm Camera. This brand new Instant Camera yields dreamy snaps just like the ones taken by our fellow lomographers below!

Credits: tracyvmoore, sugiyamasatomi, satomi, littlekoala, kleeblatt, vicuna, blackbyrd, anafaro, maximum_b, lawypop, gioyoui, xbalboax & moochie_lomo

written by plasticpopsicle on 2013-09-30 #lifestyle #gallery #lomography #diana #diana-f #analogue-lifestyle #diana-instants

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