Monday Moodboard: Of Super Sleuthing and Hilarious Detox Scenes in Doctor Who Season Four


I may have caught on the Doctor Who fandom a bit late, but after developing a moderate case of anglophilia, I can’t miss this decades-old British telly masterpiece, right?

Credits: petterf

This is short and sweet, because I’d like to go straight to the point.

A portion of my weekend goes to a Doctor Who marathon, and with the current rate that I’m going (two series per month), I may actually end up not too far from the latest seasons. A few episodes away from finishing the fourth season, I think I found my favorite episode (aside from Blink in Season 3) in The Unicorn and the Wasp. Why? It has the legendary detective fiction writer Agatha Christie, a plot that unfolds in a whodunnit – like manner, and a hilarious detox-cum-charade riot between the Doctor and Donna Noble:

Now, that’s why I’m starting to love British TV.

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