Malaysian artist Tang Chiew Ling Creates Fashion Illustrations with Leaves

2013-09-30 1

Kuala Lumpur-based illustrator and artist Tang Chiew Ling’s personal project is an impressive combination of fashion and leaf art!

Ling’s work inspired by Audrey Hepburn. She used ‘simple shapes of leaves to create [a] graceful figure.’ Photo via Bēhance

Ling started her project, “Fashion in Leaf,” in an attempt to figure out how to incorporate leaf art to her interest in fashion. “The most challenging [part] in this project was how to apply the leaf to the dress,” she wrote on Bēhance. She sourced “more special” types of leaves from a garden and used them to portray different types of dresses.

Indeed, Ling was able to utilize the different kinds and states of leaves very well, as she was able to imitate some of the most common designs of gowns such as the mermaid or the serpentina cuts!

Have a look at some more of Ling’s works!

Photos via Bēhance

Just a few months earlier, Ling had created a personal project called Object Art: 1 that also featured leaves but with sketches depicting daily scenes such as a couple walking in the rain, a person kite surfing, and people rowing a boat!

All information in this article were sourced from Bēhance.

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