Monday Moodboard: I need to get some work done


Mondays have always been and will continue to be the dread of many. There’s just that feeling of the looming end of your rest day and the dive back into reality with work and everything job-related goes into mind. It’s a cycle we all endure.

But somehow for this Monday, I feel like doing more things that I usually try to push myself into. I’m still sleepy from watching a TV series up until early this morning so I have these eye bags that look like wine satchels those early nomads and tipplers use to booze their way out into the day. My back is also feeling funny from all the sitting and typing at the office and at home. But there’s just something that kicked me out of bed today: I need to get some work done.

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I’m really surprised by this because of the Monday slump. Yet it feels familiar and appealing to me. Maybe it was a hangover from my earlier work days in college and my past jobs. Aside from that, I have this love story going on with New York. She just doesn’t know it yet.

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That’s why I just love watching the series How to Make It in America again and again. There’s something about New York that just gets me, and I, it. I always wished I was born in an earlier time but the vibe of the city now looks more delectable than ever. Ben and Cam’s hustle makes me want to get out and start a clothing line just as they did. The whole series was just oozing with style and good old fashioned hard work and creativity. Their group of friends seem to be the kind of people I’d like to surround myself with.

Nothing but single speed commuters, photo galleries, flask guzzling and hustling here. Crisp, baby.

Sad thing that the show got cancelled after two seasons. But, there are rumors going on that they’re looking for a TV comeback within a couple of years. If this ain’t good news, then what is?

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