La Sardina DIY Black: Tom Style


Our latest La Sardina DIY designer comes from the hardworking team in Lomography HQ! Meet Tom from the Marketing Department and see how he customized his La Sardina DIY Black.

Name: Tom Bates
Occupation: I’m lucky enough to be one of the team working at Lomography HQ in Vienna

Hi, Tom! Besides being a Lomographer, what do you like to do for fun?
I’m a big music fan and enjoy checking out the latest bands and going to gigs. I should play my guitar more. I read. And I love joining friends for a great night out.

Do you have a name for your La Sardina DIY design?
I wish I did! I can try thinking of one now… The DIY Doodler? The La Sardina Little Lines? No, perhaps it’s better to just call it ‘Untitled’

What or who are your inspirations behind your design? (It reminds me of Keith Haring!)
Thanks! I definitely take Keith Haring as a compliment. There weren’t any conscious inspirations though to be honest. This is basically the only style of drawing I feel confident doing – I am not a great artist and can’t do anything at all figurative, so this is just my cop-out way of doing arty things!

What do you like best about the La Sardina DIY Black?
I always think black is cool. For me, the camera would also work great even without a design on it. But I think having white/silver on the black blank canvas also looks pretty nice. Of course, I love the fact that you can basically turn your Sardina DIY into anything.

Do you have any DIY tips to share with the community?
Like I say, I’m no artist, so giving advice feels strange. But from my limited experience, when doing your design, I do think it helps to have an idea of what you want to do before you begin. Your Sardina DIY could just be your new favourite camera, as it is a camera which can really be unique for you since you can draw or paint literally whatever you like on it. So with a little thought, it can be a camera you can show off to your friends for many years to come.

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