Brain Injury Can't Keep Brian Nice From His Love of Photography

2013-09-30 3

Brain injury survivor and photographer lives his life using blurred and realistic photos shot with his toy camera.

Here at Lomography, we value photography and the many wonders it brings to our lives. Whether we use it for our careers or to just plainly document our memories as we go along the way. But there’s always a story that keeps us grounded and make us feel that love for analogue and photography as a whole. The story of Brian Nice says it all.

Brian Nice was a prolific fashion and beauty photographer who loved to take pictures in his work as well as in his daily encounters with life. His photographs ended up on the covers of fashion magazines and on ads that sell us the latest trends. Mr. Nice’s career brought him to many places around the world just so he could deliver his personal style and approach to photography.

But in 2009, he suffered a congenital cavernous malformation that caused bleeding in his brain. And after two complex operations, Brian Nice was left in a wheelchair without fine-motor skills.This is the time when his view of the world changed, and so did his approach in taking photographs.

Photo of Brian Nice via The New York Times Lens blog

His survival story and continued passion for photography are captured in his recent photos that depict his life peering through the lens of the camera. His photographs were usually taken from a window in his home where he continuously gets the care he needs from his family and dear friends. Though blurred by motion and lacking focus, Nice said that it was a way to inspire other brain injury survivors to keep on living life despite their condition. You can learn more about his journey on his blog.

His photos reflect the life he now lives and is a reminder of how photography touched his life and how much he fights to do the thing he loves to do. Nice shot these pictures with a Holga camera.

Photos by Brian Nice via My Point of View

As a matter of fact, Nice along with some of his dear friends set out for a cross-country road trip to photograph American landscape through the eyes of a person affected by brain injury. The road trip started just last September 27, 2013. The said project will include the production of a gallery exhibition that will feature his photographs and a production of full-color coffee table books as well as a documentary about Brian and his journey.

His story can only hope to inspire, analogue photography enthusiasts or not.

All information used in this article were sourced from My Point of View and The New York Times Lens blog

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