La Sardina DIY Black: Ana Style


Say hello to Ana Lourenço, our Graphic Design Intern. She loves to travel; she says it’s the best way to get inspired. “All the challenges that a new place brings teaches you new ways to solve problems.” We wonder though, what could be the inspiration behind her La Sardina DIY Black motif? Let’s find out!

Name: Ana Lourenço
Occupation: Graphic Designer Intern at Lomography
Location: Vienna (but from Oporto — Portugal)

Hi, Ana! Tell us something about yourself.
I wasn’t going to start by saying that one of my hobbies it’s Lomography, but I would be lying If I didn’t! Even if I’m not much of a photographer, I love to register parts of my life with analogue photography, cause I know that they won’t be deleted. I love to illustrate: my sketchbooks are full of strange quotes or silly drawings. Besides all of this, I think I spend my spare time doing diverse kind of things: I enjoy a good party with friends as much as I like to spend an afternoon in a museum.

What’s the name for your La Sardina DIY Design?
I named the camera “La Sardina Died”. I didn’t mean to be cruel to our beloved Sardina, the cat dreamed about killing it, he’s kind of evil.

What or who are the influences behind your La Sardina design?
Every time that I have to thing about something new, I start by search pretty much everything, from fashion, crafts, art pieces, or whatever is surrounding me to help me reach the solution for what I have to design. In this case, I looked for some previous designs of the white edition of the DIY La Sardina, and also got inspired by the sea theme. After sketching some fishes and sea horses, I remembered that my cat is a really good hunter, so I sketched him dreaming about catching the poor Sardina.

What do you like best about the La Sardina DIY?
I already had a previous edition of the La Sardina camera and I’ve been in love with it for a long time. But with the DIY edition, it’s a fantastic way to make it even more special, design it has you want and really make it yours. The very best thing is that it comes with two sets of plates, you can draw in the black ones, and maybe save the transparent for when you feel like putting some pictures or do a collage.

Do you have any tips to share for those who would like to design their own La Sardina DIY Camera?
Just don’t worry too much if you can’t come up with some idea in the first place. Take your time, collect some inspiration. If you don’t feel like drawing, grab some crazy materials: fabrics or old magazines and don’t be afraid of experiment — after all, Lomography is all about having no rules!.

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