The Konstruktors: An Interview With orangebird


Here’s an interview with orangebird, one of the first people in Japan to get the Konstruktor.
She became a lomographer in 2000, and we thank her for using our Lomographic Cameras for many years. However, even for someone as experienced as her, it was a first time to assemble a camera. She could not stop herself from taking photos with the Konstruktor, so she just carried out despite the heavy rain.

Name: Asumi Mizuno
LomoHome: orangebird
Location: Tokyo

Tell us something about yourself!
Since I began using the Lomo LC-A in 2000,I got to know the pleasure of taking a photo. I am into Lomo cameras. I know Digital cameras prevail,but the main camera when I travel is LC-A.
I’m such a analogue lover.

How did you find your Konstruktor experience?
I was wondering if it was possible to take a photo with the DIY camera I assembled,but when I saw the results from Lab,I thought “Oh it can work!”
I felt relieved.

What do you like best about the Konstruktor?
The viewfinder.I like this waist level finder style.Looking down the viewfinder to decide on composition and focus is so fun! It is quite a new experience for me not to have a camera touch my face to shoot.

Share a funny or strange story while using/building your Konstruktor camera.
When I was taking photos at a park,a gentleman who has Digital SLR accosted me.He said “Is it a Camera? It’s a novelty!”
We met for the first time,but we had nice time chatting about cameras.

Any tips for future Konstruktor users?
Believe in yourself!

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The Konstruktor is the world’s first Do-It-Yourself 35mm SLR camera. With it, you can easily build your very own camera from scratch. It’s the perfect tool for having fun whilst learning the exciting mechanics behind how analogue photography works. Get yours from the Online Shop or Lomography Gallery Stores Worldwide. Find out more about the camera on the Konstruktor Site.

written by kyonn on 2013-09-30 #lifestyle #interview #konstruktors
translated by keni

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