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2013-09-28 1

Want the gritty feel of black & white coupled with the convenience of handy 110 cameras? Lomography’s B&W Orca will make sure that you get your monochrome fix. Even if it’s small in size, it still packs a wallop! Welcome to Reviews on Rewind!

Credits: panchoballard

No Fail Whale with this Little Cracker! by panchoballard

In the city or in the countryside, it’s a great format to have for just firing off shots that you aren’t sure will be worth using a frame of your precious medium format film on. If you aren’t sure about 110, just give it a go. You’ll have a whale of a time!

Credits: adi_totp

Lomography Orca 110 B&W Film : The Film for your Fisheye Baby! by adi_totp

In a good sunny day, this film revealed its classic B&W tones. I don’t know if “classic” is the right word or not, but this is our first experience using 110 film and we absolutely love it!

Photo by cryboy

Lomography Orca 110 B&W: The Low-Fi That Fits Me! by cryboy

Attracted by the possibility of using micro-cameras with 110 film, I decided to just buy and try a Lomography Orca 110 B&W film a few months after their launch. The results were even greater than I expected!

Credits: denisesanjose

First Impressions: Lomography Fisheye Baby + Orca B&W 110 by denisesanjose

When I got the negatives back from development and saw the photos, I thought they really looked like they were taken by a fish out of water, but in a good way! I almost felt like an animal myself, snooping and snapping around town, and I think the “warped” and “colorblind” images reflect that.

Photo by by kleeblatt

Lomography Orca 110 B&W Film by kleeblatt

And here we go, the photos are somehow a lot better. Higher contrast and things like that. In comparision to the other film, the first one looks blurred. From now on, I’m bringing my pocket film to dm. It couldn’t be easier.

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