Thrill from Undeveloped Films: Chris Hughes and His Search for Vintage Cameras and Films

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Sometimes, treasures just pop out of nowhere. In this case, they’re found within cameras just waiting to be unearthed and shared through love for analogue.

In 2011, photographer and co-owner of A Nerd's World Chris Hughes stumbled upon a 1914 French Richard Verascope camera from an old fellow looking to clear his camera collection for his retirement. Chris was in a surprise, the camera came with two slides of film in its leather case and would soon start an obsession for him.

The camera that stared it all Photos via A Nerd's World

From then on, Chris started scouring for cameras that still had undeveloped film in them. It was a pursuit that yielded very interesting results that ranged from distant memories to classic photographs that are all too precious to just stow away in a dusty album.

His St. Jacobs find, a Kodak Hawkeye Brownie camera Photo via A Nerd's World

Already an avid vintage camera collector, Chris added his new found treasures to his collection along with the prints he developed from the cameras he had just bought. The photographs depicted more than just history but a glimpse into the lives of the people who took them back in the day.

His Atlanta find, a 1953 Kodak Holiday Brownie Photos via A Nerd's World

The cameras and the photographs they produced came from around North America. Every antique camera had its own stories to tell. Head on over to his site to view the ongoing collection.

It’s just a fascinating thing to look at. Suddenly, there are these pictures that were doomed to be just wasted away in the transition to digital and are brought back to life by pure happenstance.

Some Lomographers in our community have the same story, all fueled by the love of photography and the thrill of getting surprised by the wonderful prints to come:

At Least 35 Years in the Making
The Lost Holiday
Kodacolor II 110 Film for Color Prints (Expired 1982)

All information used in this article were sourced from A Nerd's World, PetaPixel

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