PYHOF: Guitar Greats and their Iconic Riffs


This week’s PYHOF entry is all about guitar solos that can make you just bob your head with the up and down beat of the riff.

A rock star’s weapon of choice can also be a music wild child’s instrument for soul and folk self-expression.

Just who doesn’t know the intro to The Eagles’ classic Hotel California?

PYHOF’s list gives you the varying moods composed by the thunder fingers of contemporary music’s guitar greats. Their artful strumming and delicate plucking techniques can sure make you close your eyes and feel the music flow into every vein just as a plucked string would vibrate at the introduction of well-placed plucking.

The different guitarists featured here have their own approaches to music as well as playing their weapon of choice.

Photos via Eric Claption Italia, Ernie Ball, Samantha Lirak blog, Guitar Music

* Bulls on Parade by Rage Against the Machine
* Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin
* November Rain by Guns & Roses
* Voodoo Child by Jimi Hendrix
* Hotel California by The Eagles
* Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple
* Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton
* Master of Puppets by Metallica
* Walk this Way by Aerosmith
* Black Star by Yngwie Malmsteen

PYHOF: Guitar Greats by Lomography Magazine on Grooveshark

The mellow composition of Eric Clapton’s Wonderful Tonight along with his iconic guitar solo is the opposite reflection of Kirk Hammett’s lead part in the song Master of Puppets. Also, Joe Perry of Aerosmith heightens up Walk this Way all the more with his funky and get-up-from-your-seat style of playing while Yngwie Malmsteen just plainly astonishes with his guitar riff on Black Star.

So go ahead and give a listen to these guitar greats and their masterpieces. Don’t blame us if you suddenly get the itch to grab a guitar and strum away.

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