Line of Beauty and Grace: A Documentary About Jock Sturges and His Work


Photography is used for many things. In this case, it was a means to tell stories that are otherwise invisible to the undiscerning eye.

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Line of Beauty and Grace is about the journey of Jock Sturges into the world of art, photography and the subjects he has chosen to portray. Filmmaker Christian Klinger ventures into the photographer’s work and documents his relationship with his models not just as mere subjects but as a storyteller to their ways of life and the relationships they keep as time goes by. You can learn more about the video here

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Photographer Jock Sturges has been the center of many debates and controversies surrounding his work, easily understandable since his photographs are in line with that of youth, family and their natural lifestyle that is centered on nudity. Sturges, saying in an interview with A Photo Editor, that it was a connection deeply rooted in the desire of documenting the relationship of people in such ways that goes beyond the conservative ideas instilled in the minds people.

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As a young boy, Sturges was sent to an all-boys boarding school early in his formative years and that is where he first picked up a camera that he soon used to picture the family he had back then – his school mates. That was when he discovered that he wanted to focus on family, regardless of relation or roots. Sturges even described the strong sense of guilt in the family as his earlier works were bought by the parents of his contemporaries whom he used as his early subjects.

Klinger keeps up with the progression of Sturges’ work alongside the models who are more than willing to be photographed in their own element. This documentary is sure to shed some light into a side of fine art photography amidst issues concerning sensitivity in relation to the expression of art and understanding of the self in its reflection.

All information used in this article were sourced from A Photo Editor, Photo Eye website

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