Richard Crawley reveals how he captured an iconic Jagger photo


Luck, apparently, played a huge part the night Australia-based photographer Richard Crawley snapped what is now known as the most iconic photo taken of Mick Jagger while performing on stage!

Crawley holding a framed poster of his famous photo. Screenshot via Vimeo

Crawley himself tells about that fateful evening in a video slideshow uploaded by the ABC Open South West Victoria recently as part of their ABC Open Object Stories Project. He revealed that within three weeks after he emigrated to Australia back in 1973, Jagger’s band The Rolling Stones held a performance at Kooyoung. However, he couldn’t afford a ticket to the show so he decided to fake a press pass under the “Blue Meanie Press.”

Upon getting inside the jam-packed venue, Crawley struggled to get to the front. And if the chaos wasn’t enough, his camera suddenly ran out of film! He had to buy one “from the guy next to me.”

Crawley recalls the moment leading to the instant he finally snapped a shot of the legendary rock star:

And there’s this madness in the front of the stage and suddenly, everyone just moved apart. It’s sort of like the Parting of the Red Sea, and he looked straight at me with his famous, famous, famous image that is now, I suppose, with his hands behind his head and his tongue sticking out… And, of course, the tongue became the logo!

The iconic photo up-close. Screenshot via Vimeo

Interestingly, that turned out to be the last shot on the reel. The following day, he sold the photo to Molly Meldrum of the magazine “Go-Set.”

“The front page of the “Go-Set” the next week was, the screaming headline, ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’," Crawley said.

By the way, the camera he used to take this photo was a Minolta SR-T 101!

Screenshot via Vimeo

All information in this article were sourced from ABC Open South West Victoria on Vimeo.

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