Autumn Advice: Dress up with the season's fall fashion staples


As the weather becomes cooler and the hues turn warmer, we look forward to snuggling up and nostalgia-inducing scenery. And in preparation for the changing climate, we need to amend our wardrobe as well, especially before we step on fallen branches and shoot the autumn sky. So as you pack your gear and load your film, be sure you’re wearing the right stuff for your special autumn shoot.

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Summer is totally over and you can push those thin cotton dresses to the back of your closet for now. It’s time to stock up on warmer clothes if you don’t have any, and bring out those seasonal items that you only get to wear towards the latter part of the year. Here’s a list of recommended fall fashion staples.

Turtlenecks, sweaters and cardigans
It’s the season for wool and knits. Nothing like a soft, knitted sweater to wear over your top and keep you warm all day. If it’s not that cold in your region, you can save the ultra-thick ones for the next season.

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Coats and jackets
Now is your chance to flaunt your (faux) fur coat. I wouldn’t recommend the real thing in protection of wildlife. Bring out all the tweed and trench, resurrect them from your closet.

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The scarf is a remarkable invention. It doesn’t just keep your esophagus warm, but also adds copious amounts of pizazz to your outfit.

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Sleeved Dresses
Nevermind the backless, flowing, Hawaiian-printed ones. You don’t want the hem of you dress at waist level as the winds blow and leaves fall. Go for sleeved dresses in warmer or darker colors (crimson, deep oranges and greens, creams, brown, and even black) made with heavier fabric. If you are to wear a dress without sleeves, be sure to have a coat, cardigan or at least a wrap just in case it gets chilly.

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Tights, leggings and leg warmers
If you thought tights were made for ballet students and leg warmers solely for ’80s aerobics, then you are so misinformed. Those lower limbs need to be kept warm so you can move about during autumn walks.

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You can wear leggings or tights with a sweater top, beneath a dress or even shorts, leg warmers over your legging or jeans, and still look fashionably updated. Black leggings and tights are most common but for the more adventurous, there are brightly-colored and even printed variations.

While you might be comfortable with your trusty all-weather skinny jeans, you might want to opt for trousers made from a different material. The season won’t mind your wide-legged wool pants or that tweed pair that has been in storage for the past months.

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Suede or leather, lace-up or zipped, mid-rise or knee-high, autumn is definitely the season to get your feet into your favorite boots. Wear boots with your favorite pants, leggings and and even with your favorite a-line dress.

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Time to put those straw hats and visors to rest, and get those beanies out of the closet. So okay, maybe beanies don’t always look good on all facial shapes, but with a little hairstyle management and if you think of how it’ll keep your ears and your crown insulated, you’ll be more than happy to wear wone.

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Before you layer on clothing though, make sure that they’re the right size, are comfortable, and stop yourself from putting too many of them together. You definitely want to look stylish, not like a thrift store clothes rack. Sometimes, less is more. It’s still fall, not winter, afterall.

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