DIY Film Negative Candle Rings


Planning your next big event or gathering? Decorate your tables with these chic film negative candle rings!

Photo from Know and Tell Crafts

Yes, we know that film negatives are highly flammable so we won’t be using real candles. We’ll be using LED tea lights instead, so that they’re safer and reusable! This is a really simple Tipster that you can replicate and redo every time you have company over.

Photo from Know and Tell Crafts


  • Cut up film negatives
  • LED tea lights
  • tape
Photo from Know and Tell Crafts


  1. Tape your film negatives to form a circle big enough to hide the tea lights inside
  2. Enjoy the party!

Information for this article was sourced from Know and Tell Crafts

written by cruzron on 2013-09-26 #gear #tutorials #film #diy #negative #tipster

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