Wanderlust Wonderlist: Fall Foliage Destinations in Asia

While the picturesque fall season is typically associated with the West, there are also a number of spots in the more temperate Asia where we can marvel at the beautiful autumn foliage. So, if you’re closer to Asia and can’t head to Western fall destination this year, consider the locations in this Wanderlust Wonderlist!

Credits: mingkie

Namiseom Island, South Korea

A small, moon-shaped resort island in Chuncheon, the capital of Gangwon Province, South Korea, Namiseom is a popular destination for nature lovers. Lomographer mingkie, who visited the island during last year’s fall season, says aside from being known as the filming of Korean drama “Winter Sonata,” it’s one of the best places to experience Autumn at its peak. Her beautiful photos above certainly serve as proof! See more of her Namiseom Island photos in her LC-A album and Horizon Kopakt album.

Credits: hodachrome

Kyoto, Japan

One of the most popular cities in Japan and in Asia, Kyoto is home to many historic and scenic landmarks. Lomographer extraordinaire hodachrome, who once lived in the former imperial capital of Japan, said that it’s also a popular fall destination in the country for its beautiful red foliage. Some of his redscale and color negative snaps above from two years ago indeed show how lovely an autumn afternoon walk around the city would be like! See more of his autumn photos around Kyoto in his redscale album and color negative album!

Credits: meryl & goriaruko

Jiuzhaigou Valley, Sichuan, China

The scenic Jiuzhaigou Valley in the southwestern Chinese province of Sichuan is famous among vacationers and nature lovers for its fairy tale-like landscape. Its so-called Five-Colored Lake is the subject of a local legend from ancient China, telling about the princess of heaven having a five-colored lake called Yaochi within her palace. Visitors say one can indeed see the lake glimmering in a kaleidoscope of greens, blues, yellows, pinks, and grays. Its lush forests are also not to be missed, especially during the autumn season when the reds, yellows, and oranges of the foliage stand strikingly against the pristine turquoise waterways. Take a look at meryl's album and goriaruko's album to see more photos of Jiuzhaigou Valley!

Did we miss any of your favorite Asian autumn destinations? Please do tell us about them and submit a Locations article!

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