Top Photo Likers of September 2013


If only likes were converted into cash then I’m telling you, we would all be rich! One dollar or even a penny for a like? Heck that’s great!

Because with the overflowing number of fabulous Lomographs we have in this network of ours, not liking them is just hard to do! And for the month of September, we have the most likers to crown an award with! Cheers!

rik041 (19,835 likes)
zorzyo (14,317 likes)
atria007 (13,326 likes)
mafiosa (9,233 likes)
meryl (8,199 likes)
simonesavo (6,022 likes)
kibs (5,762 likes)
clownshoes (5,618 likes)
sadiestoker (5,535 likes)
modern_nmt (5,392 likes)

written by mayeemayee on 2013-10-05 #news #top-photo-likers #2013-community-recap #september-2013-recap

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