Portraits of famous artists and their cats

2013-09-25 1

Behind every artist is a furry feline friend, it seems!

For hundreds, even thousands of years, portraits of or including cats have been commonplace in the art scene. A not so surprising fact, if we’re to consider that artists apparently have been getting inspiration from their own pets! Andy Warhol, in particular, seems to have loved cats so much that he was said to have not only created numerous prints of cats, he also kept 25 of them in his house – all of them named Sam!

Andy Warhol holding a cat with Robert Indiana lying on a couch in the background. Photo via Flavorwire

And, like Warhol, these artists share the same affection for the cute little animals, too!

1) Pablo Picasso and his pet cat, 2) Salvador Dalí and his ocelot Babou, 3) Georgia O’Keefe and her Siamese cat, 4) John Cocteau and Karoun, and 5) Henri Matisse with one of his two cats. Photos via Flavorwire

All information in this article were sourced from Flavorwire and the New York Times.

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