My Autumn Story: Volunteering for Eurobasket 2013


This has been one crazy September for me. I’m sure autumn means beautiful nature to you, but to me it means basketball. Lots of it!

This September has been among the best days of my entire life. I love sports. I’ve been an athlete my whole life. And this year, I got the opportunity to be a volunteer for the European Championship for basketball that happened in my country, Slovenia. It was awesome!

Do you like sports? Do you like basketball? Well, I love basketball and my home country lives for it – basketball is the second most popular sport in Slovenia, and for the past six months, we practically lived for this championship. It all started with the preparations. We volunteers had to attend some training camps so that we’ll be comfortable with our work, as well as the places that we were going to be working at. And on 4th of September, the championship finally started!

The teams were divided into four groups, and each group played their matches in different towns – Celje, Ljubljana, Koper, and Jesenice. I worked in Celje where Slovenia played. It was quite cool how the teams were placed into groups. For instance, Italy played in Koper which is almost on the Slovenia-Italy border, and three of former Yugoslav republics Montenegro, Bosnia, and Serbia played in Jesenice, where most of immigrants from the former Yugoslavia live.

The games were unpredictable and the fans were spectacular. Not just the Slovenians but all of them. Our country didn’t get a medal, but we live for basketball and our players so that’s what mattered the most. Everyday there was something happening in fan zones: there were concerts, street ball tournaments, and other events. It was so much fun.

The second part of the tournament was played in Ljubljana, Stozice, which, in my opinion, has the most beautiful playing halls in Europe. It was built a couple of years ago and looks kind of like a UFO.

The tournament was won by France, and the MVP was Tony Parker. I got to meet basketball players and so many awesome people. We really had the best time together, and I got the best memories!

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