New Kodak Company to Continue Selling Film

2013-09-24 5

It’s a move that’s sure to earn a standing ovation, Kodak Alaris announces that they will continue to sell film. Hurrah!

Kodak Alaris, the new company born of KPP’s purchase of Eastman Kodak, has gone on record to say that they have no plans of discontinuing film anytime, which is good news for analogue aficionados. In an interview with The British Journal of Photography, Dennis Olbrich, president of Kodak Alaris’ personalised imaging business, states that “There are no plans at all to cut down. We enjoy a good demand, but of course we will continue to monitor the market and if for whatever reason – which I wouldn’t expect, to be honest – the demand would dry up, we would need to react and look at our portfolio.”

This is certainly good news, given Fuji’s recent discontinuation of some film lines like Neopan 400 and Provia 400X. Here’s to hoping that Alaris keeps the film passion burning!

Read more on The British Journal of Photography

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  1. segata
    segata ·

    Excellent news, hopefully it will mean a bit of a price drop too as while I love using some Kodak rolls they are a little more expensive than some such as the Vista 200 I use alot. Nice article :)

  2. guanatos
    guanatos ·

    this is really good news :)

  3. ideajet
    ideajet ·

    wohoo! :D

  4. mrs_hamburg
    mrs_hamburg ·


  5. polarhei
    polarhei ·

    Although the business is well solved, there is one problem which new owner should be dealt first. The owner should learn what Agfaphoto has demonstrated . By producing one model of color reversal film to fill the line as Lots of people understand the tone by using its color reversal film. They still like the tone.

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