DIY Film Slide Tote

2013-09-24 1

All these bulky camera bags cramping your style? Why don’t you try this one out for size?

Photo from Fab

Want to literally carry your memories with you? Try making this film slide tote, which is a simple way to add a dash of color and art to your everyday bag. Louis Vuitton ain’t got nothing on this!


  • Clear tote bag (or you can make a bag yourself using some clear vinyl)
  • Mounted film slides
  • Glue gun


  1. Measure the bag and determine how many slides you’ll need. Lay them all out. You can wrap the slides in some plastic if you want to preserve them
  2. Heat up the glue gun and carefully attach the slides to the insides of the bag. It’s better if your bag is double lined so that you can put the slides in as it’ll be more secure and won’t come in contact with your things.

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