Lisbon Graffiti: Bairro da Graça


The Lisbon Graffiti series is back! This time I will take you on a visit to one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the city, Bairro da Graça. There is some art here not to be missed!

Bairro da Graça is a beautiful neighborhood on top of one of Lisbon many hills. It is famous for its nice belvederes overlooking the castle and the river, the typical workers houses called vilas and, of course, the tram #28.

In Lisbon, you always find hidden treasures when you move away from the main streets. I learn this a long time ago, right here in Bairro da Graça. There are many, many things to see around here but for this article I’ll tell you about Graça’s street art.

Green House used to be a popular graffiti crew in the neighborhood. Picture taken in 2006.

Nowadays, there are two major spots with great graffiti pieces in the neighborhood. One is the wall of the Junta de Freguesia da Graça building (the civil parish), in Josefa de Óbidos street.

On this wall there has been different graffiti along the years and graffiti contests take place in this location, supported by the city’s Urban Art Gallery. Last time, I passed there with a camera, Mexican Dia de los Muertos seemed to be the theme.

The art here is always changing, come check out what’s new! Beware of the dog poop! Pictures taken in 2012.

The other place that you can’t miss is the wall of Clube Desportivo da Graça, a sports club in the steep street of Nossa Senhora da Glória. You will surprisingly find yourself walking on a concrete jungle! I’m not an expert but, come on, this monkey by Portuguese artist, Smile is incredible, right?

I think the whole piece was made by Smile, Eko, Rote, Argonarms, Neok e Eky, Inso, Pariz. Pictures taken between 2010 and 2011.

But, this is not all. In Graça, you will find many other graffiti pieces and also other techniques used in street art. Get lost on the narrow streets, just walk around. I’m sure you’ll find something you like!

You can find these at Rua da Graça and Rua Angelina Vidal. Pictures taken between 2011 and 2012.

Graça is becoming a trendy neighborhood in Lisbon. Some nice coffee shops, an hostel and even a graffiti shop opened in the last years and this is, for sure, one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the city. You just can’t visit Lisbon and not go to Graça with your analogue cameras!

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