Upcycling Vintage Cameras Into Smartphone Docks

2013-09-24 1

Never forget your fallen comrades – upcycle your old and broken cameras into something useful! In this case, use it as a charging dock for your smartphone.

Photo from Etsy

While some of your cameras may be out of commission, that doesn’t mean that they are without use. Instead of leaving them by themselves to fend off mold in the darkness that is your closet, let them out and give them a new lease on life. Give them a new sense of purpose. Tell them that they’ve served you well and that it’s time for them to rest and enjoy their much deserved retirement. Have them befriend your new companion, the smartphone. Here’s how:


  • A vintage camera preferably with a body cap
  • Adhesive
  • An extra charger if you want it to be a charging dock
  • Something solid to support the phone from behind, like an AA battery or something with a similar size.
  • Craft knife and/or drill


  1. Decide how you want the camera to be oriented – propped normally, on its back, etc.
  2. If your camera has a body cap, slice a slit on it so that slide the charger cable in. Secure it with the adhesive.
  3. If it does not have a body cap like the Brownie, drill a hole at the top so you can put the cable in.
  4. Stick the back support object of your choice so that your smartphone doesn’t fall off.
  5. Admire your work.
Photo from Etsy

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  1. ideajet
    ideajet ·

    that's a brilliant idea! i'm fortunate enough to not have any broken cameras but I'll try this eventually :)

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