Creative fashion shots taken using the Belair cameras!

2013-09-24 1

The lovely month of September is set to end in less than a week’s time, but that’s not stopping us from dishing out more fashionable Lomographs taken by some members of our community!

Previously we’ve shared with you some chic fashion photos taken using the Diana F+, the Lubitel cameras, and the Diana Mini. This time around, we’re training the spotlight on those shot with the *Belair cameras*!

Photos by satomi, sahilkarkhanis, earlybird, and maykel.

Cameras from the Belair family lets you take photos in three different formats: 6×6, 6×9, and 6×12, while features like automatic shutter settings, lens interchangeability, and multiple exposure capability can produce vibrant photos. The Belair not only is a unique-looking camera, it’s also flexible in more ways than one!

written by chooolss on 2013-09-24 #lifestyle #gallery-post #belair #fashion

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