Most Popular User Blogs of September 2013


The month of September was a rollercoaster ride for the Community; we’ve lost, we’ve gained, we’ve expressed hate, and have also shared some analogue love.

So when these emotions are just too much to take, what better way but to head to your blog and create something out of it. And these Lomographers sure have shared their thoughts well for here we’ve got September 2013’s most popular user blogs!

Remembering Lakandula by grazie
@juleshessel by mephisto19
The Phileas Fogg Project!: From Argentina (Ropi) to Chile (Iaki) by giovannidecarlo
Yessssss... by stratski
The Eye of the Storm by gionnired
If You Have Chemicals... Use Them!!! by gauthierdumonde
Week 33: Black, White Lubitel by kekskonstrukt
Kodacolor-X: Mission Impossible by gionnired
Week 34: Ciao Trieste by kekskonstrukt

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