Most Popular LomoWalls of September 2013


We must admit that LomoWalls are fun to make; you drag your favourite Lomographs into boxes, layout them to your wanting, and voila, a piece of Lomographic art is right in front of your eyes!

And since we’re all about sharing, we have just got to publish that lovely collage of Lomographs for the Community to see! Who knows, some random LomoHome must have the same taste as yours! For now, let’s see the most liked and commented LomoWalls for September 2013. Cheers!

Relax... by grazie
Unwanted Leak by hervinsyah
Auditorio de Tenerife by ryszardl70
LomoWall #65 by emkei
Bubbles in the Air and Flowers in Her Hair by blueskyandhardrock
University and Trains by akula
Haunted Tunnel by hodachrome
LomoWall #15 by akula
LomoWall #71 by emkei
Summer Flowers for Factories by hodachrome

written by mayeemayee on 2013-10-05 #news #most-popular-lomowalls #2013-community-recap #september-2013-recap

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