The Analogue Reader: Artist Offers a Different Kind of Reading Experience


An Icelandic-Danish artist came up with an amazing concept that explores and experiments with the physical and visual facets of reading an actual book. We bet you’ve never thought that books could be read in the manner you’ll learn about after the jump!

We bibliophiles are no strangers to how descriptions of places can be so vivid and detailed in books and novels. But, what if you can have a different kind of “reading” experience as you flip through the pages of a book — something that offers more than the physical aspect of having the book in your hands, and the visual aspect of reading the words with your eyes?

I’d like to believe that this was the question that intrigued and inspired Icelandic-Danish artist Olafur Eliasson to conceptualize a book entitled Your House. The book was commissioned by the Library Council of The Museum of Modern Art in New York, and designed by Michael Heimann and Claudia Baulesc. In place of text, the book’s 454 leaves have laser-cut images that form the negative space of the artist’s Copenhagen home. Flipping through the pages takes the reader through the rooms of the house, creating a unique visual, mental, and physical narrative.

Now, that’s an interesting read that no e-book can offer, don’t you think?

All photos and information for this article were sourced from This is Colossal.

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