Snippets and Vignettes: Dog lovin' from Game of Thrones


Sometimes we find love in the most unusual places, and, err, pets.

I recently got into watching the season 2 of the epic screen adaptation of the equally epic (maybe arguably even more?) book series _Game of Thrones_ by George R.R. Martin. I’m way behind the buzz about who joined forces with whom and which character got the Martin treatment of first being loved by readers and viewers but then gets untimely eliminated from the show (so many feels.)

It’s been a surprise to say the least. Maybe it’s one of those things that make Martin’s works such great hits in the literary and T.V. community. Can’t blame him though, Kurt Vonnegut, once said that to create characters rooted for by readers, you must make them suffer or survive the worst things life has to offer. Martin took a whole page out of Vonnegut’s book. Sneaky writers, those two.

Nymeria, one of the direwolves from Game of Thrones, all grown up Photo via Giphy

And as I go deeper into the series, I suddenly remember my first pet dog because of a scene that features the direwolves of the Stark children. His name was Donald and he kinda looked like a wiener with his short legs and elongated brown body. He also had white spots and pointed ears. That dog was a fierce friend, he got into fights with other bigger dogs in our neighbourhood. I would say he had a Napoloen complex.

The Stark children with their pet direwolves Photo via The Hessian Goes Home blog, Ain't It Cool website, Game of Thrones Wikia, Game of Thrones Wikia

Loyal and undeniably cuddly, the direwolves of the Stark children are far more regal than my pet, Donald but all the same lovable creatures.

Credits: bebopbebop, qrro, mingkie & natalieerachel

Sometimes, they’re more than pets to us. These photos of pets taken by their owners are cool reminders of that cute and sometimes rowdy friend waiting for us to come home. Wagging and barking and drooling all over are few images that would come to mind.

Share with us your stories of pet love in the comment sections below. We know that you have a lot of good stories behind those candid prints of your beloved pets.

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