Today in History: F. Scott Fitzgerald was born (1896)


Award winning author and jazz age literary master, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s memory lives on in his classic collection of novels and stories. Today would have been his 117th birthday.

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The notable author was commended time and time again for his timeless works that can only inspire awe and grandeur in the hearts of readers. His literary genius provided great adaptations of his work, fortunately, for future reference of the next generations. F.Scott Fitzgerald, being part of the ”The Lost Generation”, kept close company with other literary greats like Hemingway and T.S. Eliot. One can only imagine the creative force that pushed them to create their masterpieces.

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His love story with wife and socialite, Zelda Fitgerald, would soon prove to be a story of excess and extravagance. This would later on lead to his downward spiral into alcoholism and their financial troubles.

His penned works are only stylistically matched by the imagination of readers but the limits will be extended as his works deliciously detail every sparkling diamond of the jazz age girls in his romantic classics.

His most famous work, The Great Gatsby, is a true testament to his masterful way of creating powerful emotions. We really can’t say that the adaptations do capture the essence of the original script so we’ll leave it up to you guys for the decision.

We know one thing for a fact, there can only be one F. Scott Fitzgerald.

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