Experiment Number 1: Bleaching a Roll of Film

2013-10-25 5

Read on to find out how I did one of my first experiments with the manipulation of 135 film.

Photo by simonesavo

I like torturing films and see how far they can get. One of my first tests was done with bleach and a roller Ferrania Solaris ISO 100 expired in 2008. The results impressed me so much that I decided to try it again with other rollers.

  • Here’s what you need: *
  • Film roll
  • Shaker
  • A bit of bleach (use the one you like the most or just the one you have at home)
  • A little hot water
  • A dark room (I recommend the bathroom so you can use running water)
  • Patience and a hairdryer
Photo by simonesavo

First you need to pick up the shaker and pour in hot water, then put the roller and then a little bleach (in my experiments I always use a varied the amount of bleach.)

Photo by simonesavo

Close the shaker and shake for a few minutes (on average I do for about 10 minutes.)

This procedure can be done safely with the lights on but the next steps must be carried out in the dark because the film is unrolled and we do not want the whole thing to burn!

Open the shaker, unroll the film under cold running water and wash well.

Photo by simonesavo

After rinsing, you can turn on the hair dryer and dry the whole film.

Initially the film seems sticky. Dry it until the texture becomes normal.

An alternative would be to re-wrap it tightly in a plastic wrap and squeeze the container and wait a couple of days to achieve the same results.

Now, whether you did the process fast or slow, the result does not change! You just have to wait for the results to finally come out.

Here are some examples:

Photo by simonesavo

The added effects of the bleach greatly increases the Lomography look in the pictures. Hope you liked the result of my experiment.

There are more experiments to come.

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  1. barocio
    barocio ·

    Nice shots!
    Do you bleach the roll before or after shooting with it?

  2. chilledvondub
    chilledvondub ·

    If you develop you're own C41 i would suggest carrying this process out whilst loaded in a rotary tank so its light tight and you can avoid the hair dryer but and you don't have to worry about potentially putting a gammy film in your camera :)

  3. bsdunek
    bsdunek ·

    I have the same question s barocio. From what chilledvondub said, I assume you bleach after shooting the film?

  4. esvaze
    esvaze ·

    I did follow all the steps carefully, but i didn't work unfortunately,,,

  5. esvaze
    esvaze ·

    I have a question, I have another roll. I want to try it again, but can i do it also with a 120film?

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