Monday Moodboard: Lazy as a Cat


Since I was stuck at home all weekend due to bad/bed weather here on my side of the world, I had nothing to do — or rather, I felt like doing nothing — but bum around the house with my Siamese cat. Like all domesticated felines, he often spends the day chillin’ like a villain, so I can say I was in good company! Let me show you, through past and recent film photographs I’ve taken, just how lazy my feline baby can be!

Rainy days and Mondays always get me down.

Perhaps you’ve heard about the mammoth typhoon that brewed last week over the Pacific Ocean and went on course to hit Hong Kong. It skirted between the Northern Philippines and Taiwan during the weekend en route to Hong Kong and Mainland China, but we in Metro Manila were not spared from strong winds and torrential rain, since the storm sort of pulled the nasty Southwest Monsoon towards us again. It’s still raining hard outside as I type this.

So, with my plans to have a weekend photowalk around Intramuros thwarted, I didn’t feel like doing anything but laze around the house and shut myself in my room all day, with only books and my Siamese cat, Momo, for company. With a cat rubbing against you and squeezing beside you for warmth on a cold, dreary day, you’re bound to get a wee bit more relaxed than usual. The next thing you know, you’re fighting the urge to shut your eyelids and sleep like a log just like the adorable sleepy feline curled up against you.

Tell me, just how can you not get all drowsy when you see something like these beside you?

Credits: plasticpopsicle

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