Ilford Ilfocolor (35mm, 400 iso) User-Review

I was amazed when I saw this film, I had no idea that Ilford made color negative film! Check this out!

So how does Ilford deliver in the colored world? We all know that they make some of the world’s best black and white film. I was lucky to get a hold of this film before my online seller ran out. Judging from the writings on its film cassette, it was very similar to the LSI films in terms of the print…or should I say the font. But I can’t say that this is the color negative which LSI now sells.

Credits: cinzinc

I would have been happier reviewing this film if it wasn’t expired, so that we can see the true performance. However, this film does a good job for shooting indoors with flash, the colors come out soft. It’s got a saturation attitude for teal, sometimes green, and even yellow. It is also grainy, so for those who love grain, no doubt you’ll be getting some grain love, or use a flash to try to eliminate it. That’s what I noticed in some of the pictures. I enjoyed shooting with this film just because of the brand name, on the quality, it’s just alright for me. If you find some of rolls of the Ilfocolor, go try it out!

written by cinzinc on 2010-04-07 #gear #expired #negative #review #lc-a #diana-mini #ilfocolor

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