More Konstruktor Building Videos


Building your own Konstruktor camera from scratch is easy! Let our trigger-happy community members show you how they’ve built (and shot) with theirs on these amazing do-it-yourself Konstruktor videos.

Think you’ve got what it takes to build a Konstruktor? It’s pretty easy! Building one from scratch is so much fun, and you can spice it up with amazing stickers to really make it your own. You can event document your Konstruktor journey like how some of our community members did!

Check out some cool Konstruktor building videos :

Video by hvrthe
Video by mc_jakie
Video by tvh
Video by elfeuh

Buy a Konstruktor or Visit the site

The Konstruktor is the world’s first Do-It-Yourself 35mm SLR camera. With it, you can easily build your very own camera from scratch. It’s the perfect tool for having fun whilst learning the exciting mechanics behind how analogue photography works. Get yours from the Online Shop or Lomography Gallery Stores Worldwide. Find out more about the camera on the Konstruktor Site.

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