Monday Moodboard: So it goes says Kurt Vonnegut


There’s just something about rainy days that kinda make me wanna sink in my bed and just doze off. But, that’s hardly productive.

So I always make it a point to catch up on my reading. Mondays are for go-getters and for a sleepy head like me, nothing beats a great pick-me-up than reading some works from my favorite satirist, Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

Photos via Flickr, Leaning Forward, AV Club

His works are like personal daggers for me. It feels like I can relate to many of his nitpickings about life, people and the way life just works. His eclectic collection of memories and mementos of people he knew are a thing of mixed reality and fiction. Probably his most iconic character for me is that of Billy Pilgrim in his book Slaughterhouse Five (aside from the Kilgore Trout, of course!)

A farewell writing on a headstone that reads “Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt” is something that sticks to you for a long time.

Speaking of books, I remember that I have a weird habit of using photographs as bookmarks. Maybe because it reminds me of the better things – usually those that I’m fond of. That brings me back to my days in college, I used to have classes in photography. We got to learn about the original badassery of all things analogue.

Photos via Metr0polis Deviantart, Kodak, PetaPixel

One assignment was about getting contact prints for a roll of film we used to shoot pictures of things we fancied. My roll of film was about college buddies. It’s a shame I lost those prints. May have made nifty souvenirs for future reference. Maybe Billy Pilgrim gets unstuck in time again and fetch those prints for me.

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