Monday Moodboard: ‘Cloud Pink’ installation by Everyware

2013-09-23 1

Over the weekend I went on the Internet for a much-needed boost of inspiration to start this work week right, especially now that here in Manila, the cold and rainy weather lingering over the city this past week has been making me feel a tad bit lethargic.

And what would you know, I stumbled upon *Cloud Pink*, a previous interactive installation by creative computing group Everyware from Seoul, South Korea. It’s just perfect to chase the blues and laziness away!

Photos via Everyware’s official website

Have a look at this video clip showing visitors having fun playing with the installation at the Gallery Seoul XII!

Video via Vimeo

Seeing the bright, blue sky on a warm day can be exhilarating on its own, what more if we’re actually able to “touch” it? It’s probably a dreamy, wistful statement and I don’t know about you, but there really is just something about seeing that kind of view on a good day that lifts my mood and helps me get “in the zone.”

It’s too bad I haven’t gotten a proper glimpse of the sky on a good day recently, but I think this, as well as some of these cool photos of the sky taken by our community members, can help me tide over until the next sunny day!

Photos by hodachrome, erikagrendel, neanderthalis, walasiteodito, and jaybees80.

Whatever the weather is on your side of the world right now, I certainly hope these would get you going through the week, too!

All information in this article were sourced from Everyware’s official website and My Modern Met.

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