Four Eyes Are Better Than Two - And Different!


You can twist and turn it the way you like: the Supersampler is always good for a surprise. The “Queen of multi-lensed cameras” doesn’t only perform well for moving subjects, but also if it’s twisted and turned – you ought to try it out! And eventually, every picture is unique!

When I first got “SuSa” for myself two and a half years ago, I didn’t realise how much I would enjoy this Supersampler snapshot sweetie. Very quickly, it became obvious that you can’t go wrong with this camera if you’re looking for photos with the difference: it’s lightweight, simple to use in many respects, and yet you can do a lot of things with it.

Exposure time and ISO? Why? – It’s Supersampler!

The Supersampler is lightweight and has a great design, but the main aspect for beginners: you don’t have to know anything about exposure time or other technical features in order to use this camera. The name of the game is to pull the string, point and shoot!
For me it was a good start as I’ve been shirking from using my Diana Multi Pinhole Operator, which is the exact opposite, for more than one and a half year. So there is no reason at all to let your Supersampler get dusty!

35mm? Awesome!

Another advantage when it comes to using the Supersampler: a “plain” 35 mm is sufficient and still easy to get – even in times of digital and SLR cameras.

Double exposure? Not necessary!

Because the fourfold panoramic picture, which is taken by pressing the camera button, is exciting even without double exposure! Besides there are endless possibilities to be creative with your pictures: focus still on a slightly moving subject! Have a go at checking out the capabilities of portrait and landscape format! Hold the camera at an angle! Move it very quickly (or take a picture of something moving very quickly) or rotate it in any direction while shooting! Be creative!

Summer, Sun and Supersampler!

What the Supersampler has in common with many of us: this camera is in love with the sun. So you can take great pictures in the most beautiful shiny colours. But before purchasing a Supersampler you should be aware of the fact that it isn’t a good choice for gloomy days! Nonetheless, it works.

As you can see: I love my “SuSa” and its pictures! It doesn’t matter if the pictures are taken on an ordinary day in a familiar environment or on a great trip: everything you’ve seen so far looks different through the eyes of your Supersampler!

written by lisaundso on 2013-09-27 #gear #supersampler #four #action #35mm #sun #multilens #review #advantages
translated by lisaundso

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