LC-A+ Clones (Russia Day): It Wasn’t Love At First Sight

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It was not love at first sight with the LC-A+. In fact, it took quite a long while before the idea of even owning the camera entered my mind. It was the LC-A+ Russia Day that made me think twice.

Credits: uncle_jay

For the purpose of this review, I am not going to repeat what many others have said about this wonderful little black box. Instead, I want to share with you how it feels to use the camera. So here’s my take on this camera.

When I was first introduced to the LC-A+ as the ‘mother of all lomo cameras’, my first impression was not positive. I grew up shooting film, so I am used to conventional looking compact cameras. The LC-A+’s appearance was not appealing to me even though black is my preferred choice for cameras. The cost was another. For the price of the LC-A+, I could buy a compact digital camera and shoot to my heart’s content.

Credits: uncle_jay

However, as I started to look at the photos that this little Russian camera can do, I started to view it in a different light.

Credits: uncle_jay

Yet, the decision to purchase this camera was shelved when I had the chance to hold the camera. I didn’t like the feel. It was way too plasticky for my liking, although I did enjoy viewing the photos taken by Lomographers using this camera.

Then one day, I had the chance to hold the LC-A+ Russia Day. As I already have the LC-W, I have developed my own way of holding and winding the LC-W with two hands. It was the same way I held the LC-A+ Russia Day.

For some reason, I liked how the Italian red goat leather felt in my hands. I liked the way the leather helped me hold the camera securely. Not to mention this strange feeling of confidence when holding the camera. But I was still not convinced that I should get one. It was only after much thought that I decided to get one of the 2,000 units that were produced.

Bear in mind that this camera is flashy. Red attracts attention, so it’s not exactly a stealthy camera. If you are a self-conscious photographer, you may want to use it in a touristy area, or in a place where people are so used to seeing cameras of all shapes and colours.

As for me, I tend to keep the camera within easy reach in my bag so I’ll whip it out and snap a photo when I see a good opportunity. I am a causal snap shooter. I see, I like, I shoot, and that’s my philosophy.

Credits: uncle_jay

But I have a problem with the Russia Day emblem at the back of the camera. If I am not careful, it will scratch my glasses.

I like the look of film more than digital. And this LC-A+ camera clone seems to give me the look in my photos that I like. I brought it along on recent holiday to New York and had a great time using it.

Once you’re familiar with the switches, it becomes second nature to flip the switch to the right distance and snap away. More importantly, this LC-A+ clone simply feels good in my hands.

The Lomo LC-A+ Russia Day will show you what Russian Passion is all about. Clad in red leather and decorated with fertility symbols, this special edition camera is limited to 2,000 pieces only. It is equipped with the legendary Russian Minitar 1 32/2.8 lens and comes in an exquisite black wooden lined with precious silk. Get your own Lomo LC-A Russia Day now!

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    I love my Russia day, great work on this :)

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