Lomography Guide to Prague: The Swan River

2013-09-23 1

A long neck and white feathers. Gorgeous and elegant creatures on the “swan river.” There are several places on the river Vltava where you can find the swans for sure. And even tourists know them.

Credits: erikagrendel

The Swans on the Vltava River are wonderful models for your photos and you certainly have to have some photos of swans from Prague. When I moved to Prague few years ago, I sometimes had a difficult time to find them. They are sometimes resting on the Nabrezi L. Svobody, but usually, when I bring them some food, I wasn’t able to find them there.

Credits: megsshelly, erikagrendel & abcdefuck

However, there is another place (which is bit more “tourist-packed”) offering great swan models for every eager lomographer. This swan place is near the Kampa island, between the Charles bridge and Manesuv Bridge. You can find there at least two or three photographers on one swan, but still you should try and push yourself through to have a good place for taking photos. I am sure, you won’t be regretting going there. By the way, don’t forget to bring them some food!

Doubles by mephisto19 and erikagrendel

Lomo on!

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    thank you for your lovely pics @megsshelly and @abcdefuck
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