Symbiotic: A Series of Photos by Amber and Ashlie Chavez

2013-09-20 3

Symbiosis, as captured on film.

sym·bi·o·sisa relationship between two people or groups that work with and depend on each other

Twin sisters Amber and Ashlie Chavez are a pair for the books. Only in their 20’s, these ladies have established themselves as professional photographers, crafting images for fashion campaigns and magazines and photographing musicians for press kits and album covers. Another amazing fact: they shoot exclusively on film, and have been doing so for over a decade.

During our interview, Amber and Ashlie share that they are a perfect team. “Where one of us lacks, the other excels. A symbiotic relationship.”

It comes as no surprise that their first successful—-and one of their most important—-body of work would be entitled Symbiotic. Symbiotic is a series that delineates their abnormally close relationship as twins and luckily, Amber and Ashlie have given us the honor of featuring images from this series. Their you will find an eerie quality to their closeness, as if they breathe as one, or what others have referred them, as “an inescapable unit.”

Photos by Amber and Ashlie Chavez

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  1. ideajet
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    I love photo number 4! :)

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    Love their work!

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    Very good pictures!

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