Peer through the lens and see the man who tours America to save analogue photography


Passion can only take you so far but Anton Orlov made sure it took him to places he really wanted to be in.

Pushed by this passion and belief in analogue photography, Orlov tours the different states in America to keep the fire burning in the hearts of analogue enthusiasts. This passion drove Orlov to driving around America to ‘document’ what’s happening around in old-school techniques utilized way back in the 1850s.

Anton Orlov sets his sights on analogue life through his 4×5 view camera Photo via Bangor Daily News

This amazing analogue journey started on June 9. From then on he tours the country aboard a school bus, also known as the Photo Palace Bus, and swears that on it he meets “the craziest, most wonderful people.” His story is all about living the life he chooses – and that is pursuing his love for analogue photography and darkroom printing. He even has his own darkroom and chemical lab so he could print photos on the go.

Photos via Bangor Daily News, The Photo Palace

Orlov drives from one place to another in an effort to share the knowledge of wet plate, tintype and ambrotype printing in workshops along the way. The money he gets from the workshops go to gas so that he can continue doing what he does.

Read more about his travels on his blog and be inspired to take up your trusty film camera out of that storage box and actually go out and snap pictures with it.

Finally, he said in one interview, referring to the digital phenomena “Those 500,000 or 1 million pictures people take every year [digitally] … who’s going to know your Flickr password after you’re dead?”

We couldn’t have said it any better.

More of his work are featured here. Here’s our other article featuring his mobile dark room.

All information sourced from Bangor Daily News

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