Photos of nature taken using the La Sardina

2013-09-20 2

Have no plans yet for the weekend? Head on to the great outdoors to breathe in the fresh air while enjoying the beautiful scenery! Oh, and don’t forget to take lots of photos!

Nature certainly is beautiful. It’s no wonder people like taking photos of it, whether they be breathtaking landscapes, detailed close-ups of flowers, and even random shots of animals! Surely we’ve all taken such pictures at least once!

Photos by silviettacaso, magmango, wuxiong, paramir, hodachrome, earlybird, lomoherz, mephisto19, imbaaa, kleeblatt, angelc5, cornborn, and befaster.

These shots by some of our community members were taken using the La Sardina. Its ability to shoot wide-angled photos is definitely perfect for those landscapes, while the rewind dial allows you to create multiple exposures that will make your photos look more attractive!

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