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For the second time, the Vintage Salon Vienna took place last weekend. In this market you could find an endless amount of vintage things: from fashion, art, furniture, to photography and design. Keep reading and join us in this flashback trip.

The Vienna Vintage Salon took place last 13th and 14th of September and we were kindly invited to register the moment through our analogue lens. For those who don’t know, and as the name tells, it is an event from and for people interested in the topic of Vintage. Dealers, exhibitors, clients, and lovers of the past decades had the opportunity to come together and share their experience and common interest.

The place chosen, Palais Eschenbach, also had a great impact on the success of the event. It is a typical representative building of the most brilliant epochs of the history of the Viennese architecture. Inaugurated in 1872 by the Emperor Franz Joseph I, this palace was restored and revitalized from 1988 to 1991, and it was renovated in 2004 to receive conferences, proms, and other events.

As soon as we arrived there, it felt that we just have been teleported to the past. Almost everyone was dressed like they just came out of a movie scene. But the good thing was, even of you didn’t have any matching outfit for the evening event, it would be no problem! You just needed to go to the market during the day, look for some nice clothes, change your hairstyle and get your make-up done, match the outfit with some accessories and you could even take some pictures to save the moment. After all this extreme makeover, you could show how fabulous you look in the evening event. Oh yes, there was a hell of a party! Live music, a glamorous atmosphere, everyone was dancing and having a great time.

Have you been there, share your experience, and maybe some pictures with us! If not, you just have to wait for the next Vintage Salon :)

For more information about the event and the place:
_Vintage Salon Vienna_
_Vintage Salon Vienna facebook page_
_Palais Ecgenbach_

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