Planting With Film Canisters


All the dullness of being day in and day out at the office can take a toll on your life. Add a little bit of life in your office space with a small plant, using film canisters!

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not everyone has a green thumb, but trying to grow a plant is a rewarding experience everyone has to try at least once in their lives. If you’re pressed on space and don’t have a garden, you can try out this gardening Tipster, which uses just a couple of handy household items.

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  • 2 liter soda bottle
  • 1/2 pound deli cup
  • 7 film canisters
  • little strips of fleece/cloth


  1. Cut slits on opposite sides of the deli cup and pass the strips of cloth through so that they will reach to bottom of the soda bottle.
  2. Use a square piece of cloth to hold the moisture so that the wicks from the separate film canisters will absorb the water from there.
  3. Push a nail through the bottom of each film canister and thread a thin strip of the cloth through that. The wick should extend up into the planting medium and out of the canister to contact the cloth in the deli cup.
  4. Put a little bit of soil and some seeds of indoor plants/herbs and watch it grow!
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