Reel vs. Real: Kirk Douglas as Vincent van Gogh


The works of Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh was known only to a handful of people during his time, but he eventually became one of the most celebrated artists in history. If you’ve ever been curious about the life of the influential artist, this installment of Reel vs. Real is about a 1956 biopic which offers a glimpse of his life.

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While his works earned acclaim and appreciation posthumously, nothing will ever change the fact that Vincent van Gogh remains to be influential and significant in the realm of art. This is why it’s not surprising to find that many people find themselves interested in learning about his short yet colorful life.

So, for this installment’s featured biopic, we bring you an MGM 1956 film exploring the life of the iconic Dutch post-impressionist painter. Entitled Lust for Life, the biopic was based on the 1934 novel of the same name by Irving Stone. It tells about the obsessive devotion of Vincent van Gogh (Kirk Douglas) to his art, which controlled his life yet also destroyed him. The film also showed how van Gogh’s life was marred by failures and poverty, and depicted his friendship with French painter Paul Gaugin. Of course, the biopic did not miss the tragic episode of van Gogh life, covering his struggles with seizures, hallucinations, and despair, and ultimately, his controversial death.

Kirk Douglas as Vincent van Gogh. Photo via Imgur

Watch the trailer of Lust for Life:

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