Prospective film SLR conversion into digital using the Digipod takes on the digital cameras in their own turf

2013-09-19 1

It’s true, nothing can replace your analogue shots. Not even your analogue cameras, Lomo or not, and make you love the digital counterparts even more.

A photographer has been making much progress in making sure that the old analogue SLRs of yesterday, those loved and used for leisure and profession get a new playground. It’s his way of saying that analogue is here to stay.

James Jackson shows the Digipod inside an analogue SLR Photo via PetaPixel

Behold, the Digipod. James Jackson, a former professional photographer had always wished to get back on clicking away using his analogue cameras – hopefully he gets his chance now. With only a few days left in his campaign to finance the production of the Digipod, a lot of shutterbugs are buzzing about the project. Though nothing really changes the feel of shooting analogue, this labor of love of one enthusiast just shows the connection kept between camera and photographer. A forerunner of the project in 2000 by a company named Silicon was short lived due to technical difficulties.

Sample shot taken using the Digipod Photo via PetaPixel

Jackson explains the inner workings of the Digipod in a video he produced to show potential buyers and analogue aficionados out there. The simple device fits into the back of the analogue SLR as a normal back or film roll would and “advancing the film” will make use of muscle-memory – it advances to your next shot just as you would with a normal analogue SLR. It may make you feel like you’re holding a hybrid or android baby in your hands. In a way, it’s another accessory that you can use to have more fun (not that you don’t already have had enough fun!) with your favourite analogue cameras.

The Digipod is a take on the transformation of the analogue camera into the digital world. But the question is if ,as analogue enthusiasts, we want this to happen. You can never replace the familiar feeling of actually having to replace and advance a roll, rewinding it after shooting, or developing your own prints in your darkroom. Having a technological advancement such as the Digipod will take the whole analogue-digital, yin-yang relationship to an entirely new level.

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All information were sourced from PetaPixel and Digital Trends.

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  1. segata
    segata ·

    Its an intresting subject I must admit, I know the rule is dont think just shoot but there are days I cant really think much about setting up my Camera at all so on those I go digital, being on a budget I have to be careful of costs, what does concern me with this method though is the fact a camera has to altered, theres no post shot view and this also cant be swapped between cameras for instance going from a rangefinder to a SLR to make use of different lenses. Nice article :)

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